Maintenance and Emergency Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs

Should repairs to a property be required, the tenant must notify the Property Manager by lodging a request through our maintenance portal TAPI. TAPI is an innovative virtual platform available 24/7 to help tenants troubleshoot any issues that arise and escalate repair requests to our Property Management team.

Important Points to Consider When Lodging a Repair Request:

-            Provide Detailed Information - The more details you can give us, the better. Please specify whether the issue is related to gas or electric appliances, and include brand names and model numbers if possible.

-            Photos – Ensure you attach photos or videos showing the issue. This will help us assess the situation more accurately.

Tenants are not permitted to carry out repairs without written consent.





Emergency Repairs

If the property requires an emergency repair outside of regular office hours and your Property Manager cannot be contacted, the tenant can arrange for a qualified tradesperson to carry out repairs to a maximum value of 2 weeks rent.

If a tenant arranges a repair that is later deemed non-urgent, the tenant will be responsible for the account. Lodging maintenance requests through TAPI will help assess whether the issue is deemed an emergency.

What Qualifies as an Emergency Repair?

- A burst water service or a serious water service leak

- A blocked or broken toilet

- A serious roof leak

- A gas leak

- A dangerous electrical fault

- Flooding or serious flood damage

- Serious storm, fire or impact damage

- A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply

- A failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance on the property for hot water, cooking or heating

- A fault or damage that makes the property unsafe or insecure

- A fault or damage likely to injure a person, damage property or unduly inconvenience a tenant

- A serious fault in a staircase, lift or other common area of the property that unduly inconveniences a tenant in gaining access to, or using, the property.