Allan Armitage

Licensed Real Estate Agent

07 3378 8284


Walt Disney always maintained that to be a success in business, you simply needed to have the heart of a servant and to be of good character.

Having worked in the industry for 18 years, Allan is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent and has always upheld the philosophy that real estate is not a ‘house business’ it is a ‘people business'.

Guided by his integrity together with a strong commitment to his work and to his family, Allan has built solid professional relationships across the Western Suburbs with many of his clients coming back to him time and again for his personable approach, firm work ethic and a comprehensive knowledge of the sales process.

Allan has been awarded the coveted ‘Gold Badge’ at the Australasian Real Estate Awards, which recognises not only record sales but also acknowledging true client satisfaction. With consistent dedication, Allan strives each day to be that rare person in the world of real estate – one who invariably and uncompromisingly puts the clients needs above his own.